Flounce [verb]

Definition of Flounce:

bounce; intermittently move

Synonyms of Flounce:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flounce:


Sentence/Example of Flounce:

Why I used ter git my young mistesses dresses and put em on and git out in the yard and flounce and flip.

In order to cut snow, neve or ice to pile on the flounce, a pick and spade had to be included in the sledging equip meet.

In front of these sliding-doors is a long high backed sofa, completely covered in chintz, the flounce of which touches the floor.

The stone fell with a flounce, but no Wildeve appeared on the other side, as on a previous occasion there.

Helen didn't remember about skirts except that Mrs. Van Dorn's light silk had a beautiful black lace flounce.

Just go in and get one of those embroidery flounce models for Mrs. McChesney.

Never had Miss Georgina seemed so like a man-of-war's man in a flounce.

She captured them, then, with a final saucy flounce of her skirt, made her smiling exit.

There was an old butler at the President's door, and a coloured maid hovered near to help with scarf or flounce if needed.

"And tear the flounce like this," replied Amy, laughing, and knocking at Mrs. Linchmore's door.