Stamp [noun]

Definition of Stamp:

impression, symbol, seal

Synonyms of Stamp:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stamp:


Sentence/Example of Stamp:

This operation is performed by a female, with the aid of a stamp.

Dare you to wear your brother's coat without the crescent which should stamp you as his cadet.

He really understood how to sugar-coat poison as well as any man of his stamp could.

When I reached his side, the stamp of death was on his face.

You acted like a hero in trying to shield Alan Porter, and I like men of that stamp.

It was a good dime, and bore the stamp of the best and greatest nation on the earth.

We stamp our feet to warm them, and dead citizens arise in heavy clouds.

Bit by bit he'll stamp his own character into hers—because she loves him.

At Jocelyn's Rock the stamp of age was upon every decoration, on every ornament.

You have nothing to lose but the stamp to answer this announcement.