Mold [noun]

Definition of Mold:

form, pattern

Synonyms of Mold:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mold:


Sentence/Example of Mold:

When he turned he saw, to his horror, Gunga about to smash into the mold with his ax.

They should have gone into the mold in proper relation to each other.

At the age of thirteen he had taken his fortune in his own hand, and was about to mold it as best he might.

The cellar had only a mud bottom and this was covered with slime and mold.

It will be well to look at them occasionally to see that they do not get too dry nor be so damp as to mold.

The dust of centuries may sift upon it, but the moth and the mold may harm it not.

You can prove, also, that the mold is caused only by other mold.

The mixture is then poured into a mold or other vessel and put into a cool place.

The sensation wishes to find a form on which to mold the vagueness of its contours.

Somebody seemed to have stepped on his hat and his coat was smeared with mold.