Shape [noun]

Definition of Shape:

form, structure

Synonyms of Shape:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shape:

Sentence/Example of Shape:

I'm sportively pretending that I can press it back into shape.

And six weeks after that I had things in shape so't I was able to leave.

But death will I choose, in any shape, rather than that man.

Let us shape the hope of this day into the noblest chapter in our history.

But what if the thoughts themselves be of a kind hard to put into shape?

It will keep its shape when held in the fingers for some time.

Mix the cream and salt with the cheese and shape into balls.

The shape of the loaf must also be taken into consideration.

"She must have had ready another stone of shape and size like it," said the Corn Woman.

One can't always tell how a colt will shape, can they, Mike?