Profile [noun]

Definition of Profile:

drawing of outline

Synonyms of Profile:

Opposite/Antonyms of Profile:


Sentence/Example of Profile:

Past K.'s profile Sidney could see the magnolia tree shaped like a heart.

Abruptly the man turned in his chair to summon a waiter, and exposed his profile.

This resemblance was furthered by the fact that the man's profile was birdlike.

I remained standing, my profile turned towards him at his request.

She leaned forward, observing her profile; gravity seemed to be her mood.

The profile and brow perfect, the head fine, the eyes full—too full!

He sat with elbows on his knees, his face outlined in profile by the fire.

She could hear his light breathing, she could discern his profile, then the nape of his neck.

This profile issued vaguely from the darkness reigning in the shop.

Now that they stood on its surface they could sense something of its profile.