Silhouette [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Silhouette:

When he rose from his chair his body came in silhouette against their light.

At one window he saw Charles Phillips' silhouette; he was reading, apparently.

The silhouette on the mantelpiece is of aunt Mercy, his mother's unmarried sister.

Then the silhouette seemed to float down out of sight, and was gone.

Then the old man's form appeared in silhouette against the dark.

"Gault has some reason for not wanting his silhouette touched," he said.

Leaning over, she marvelled at the silhouette of her own slim figure.

Pete produced the silhouette of a young lady, and handed it round.

The silhouette disappeared, and, shortly afterwards, the gray luminance.

She saw the silhouette of rose branches in black on the sky.