Contour [noun]

Definition of Contour:

outline, profile

Synonyms of Contour:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contour:


Sentence/Example of Contour:

There’s a broader struggle still underway over the contours of the regional order, and that is partly what motivates him.

Because Kydex can snap around the blade’s rear and the handle’s contours, the material can be used to retain a knife in a variety of positions, including upside down, while still allowing you to quickly deploy it using a single hand.

Leather looks nice and lasts a lifetime, but it can’t retain a knife with the security of Kydex, a type of plastic that’s heat-molded to fit the exact contours of a specific knife model.

It uses 3D laser-sensor technology, also known as lidar, to capture the contours of a gymnast’s body.

Magnetic field lines, imaginary contours that indicate the direction of the magnetic field at various locations, loop and cross over one another like well-mixed spaghetti.

Under the one-sixth they appear as slender, highly refractive fibers with double contour and, often, curled or split ends.

I hastily ran over the contour of the country we had passed through, and saw that indeed the spring must be its headwaters.

The eagle disappeared into the air, while the soldier admired the curved contour of the panther.

He banked left and followed the contour of the mountain, and found another group of soldiers camped near the pumice works.

The rather flabby lines of his face had abruptly hardened over the firm contour below.