Width [noun]

Definition of Width:

breadth, wideness of some amount

Synonyms of Width:

Opposite/Antonyms of Width:

Sentence/Example of Width:

They were on the bank of a stream of some width, and apparently a deep and rapid one.

But I wuzn't moved by 'em so much as the width of a horse hair.

Therefore the line was cut out clear for a width of twenty feet.

If intended for passages, the width must be directed when they are sent to the manufactory, as they are cut before painting.

The width which in most cases it will be best to give it, is one-third of the width of the opening of the fire-place in front.

This width is determined by Count Rumford from numerous experiments, and comparing all circumstances, to be four inches.

But where the width of a grate is not more than five inches, it will be very difficult to prevent the fire from going out.

If they are attached only by a part of the width of the gills, they are adnexed.

Hugh watched them pass at the distance of the width of the nave.

The width of the table was between us, and he smote at me across it.