Delineation [noun]

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Not only do we have so many other categories within media, but the delineations between all of these classifications have blurred.

Nor are these defects compensated by any high degree of merit in the delineation of the characters.

Nay, as including these services and others, though as different from each of them, they give its delineation.

Such were among the great elegiac poets of Rome, who were generally devoted to the delineation of the passion of love.

The style is stilted, and there is no attempt at delineation of character.

After a correct delineation of the character of the deceased, he described the closing scene of his life.

The whole scene was indescribably romantic and picturesque, and worthy of delineation by a more experienced pencil than mine.

In the "Voyages" we find the most correct delineation, in words and sketches, of the peculiarities and glories of Alp-land.

"You have drawn a sad picture," said Heffernan, either feeling or affecting to feel the truthfulness of the Knight's delineation.

Press it gently with your hand, the heat and pressure of which will cause it to receive an accurate delineation of all its veins.