Rhombus [noun]

Definition of Rhombus:

four-sided figure

Synonyms of Rhombus:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rhombus:


Sentence/Example of Rhombus:

And a Rhomboides is so opposed to an oblong, as a Rhombus is to a quadrate.

The Rhombus cardina, a passable fish of the pleuronect genus.

What is it about the rhombus, pa, and when am I to read Juvenal?

We use "parallelogram" to cover "rhomboid," "rhombus," "oblong," and "square."

The Rhombus maximus (Cuvier), said to be the best, and excepting the halibut, the largest of our flat fishes.

Or why the Noble Antoninus in some sence doth call the soul it self a Rhombus?

Of two cones of one common base is made Archimede's Rhombus, as here, whose geodsy shall be cut of two cones.

The Turbot, Rhombus maximus (Fig. 371), resembles in its general form a lozenge, whence its name of rhombus.

Three forms of the rhombus have come under my own observation, each and all apparently connected in symbolism with the lightning.

The Apache name for the rhombus is tzi-ditindi, the "sounding wood."