Rectangle [noun]

Definition of Rectangle:

four-sided figure

Synonyms of Rectangle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rectangle:


Sentence/Example of Rectangle:

Her little four-year-old boy who was with her said, “Rectangle.”

They formed a rectangle as long as a little finger and as wide.

In this rectangle, the red sand of the desert lay clear and stark.

A rectangle of blue and hazy light was framed by the dark wall.

This is the rate of a quadrate with a rectangle and a quadrate.

Therefore the halfes of those two are taken, of the which the rectangle is comprehended.

For the rectangle of the segments, and the quadrate, are made of one side, and of the segments of the other.

Let the Rectangle of ae, and ay, be equall to the quadrate of ai.

The comparison or rate of a quadrate with a rectangle is first.

Each party will be given its rectangle with the traverses sketched in.