Plane [adjective]

Definition of Plane:

level, horizontal

Synonyms of Plane:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plane:

Sentence/Example of Plane:

But a small portion of the Cumberland lies above a plane of 2,000 feet.

But, there is a limit beyond which the plane surface cannot be reduced with safety.

The officers and men were more nearly on a plane of equality.

The plane in which we travelled bore the emblem of the World Patrol.

Your Honner, it is plane, means mighty well by every body, as far as I see.

His plane, slow though it was, would carry him to the pampas.

He broke through them, went back to where his plane was standing.

He clung to the pilot's seat as their own plane banked and nosed downward.

They came suddenly to sharp visibility as the plane drew near.

Level it was, as the surface of a lake or the plane of a railroad bed.