Uncommon [adjective]

Definition of Uncommon:

very different

Opposite/Antonyms of Uncommon:

Sentence/Example of Uncommon:

The doctor there speaks of 'our steel pens,' as if they were not at all uncommon.

Her spirits are remarkably high—not an uncommon effect of laudanum.

They was all hard up there, Mr Plornish said, uncommon hard up, to be sure.

That's a woman who observes and reflects in an uncommon manner.

It gives us a new, and quite an uncommon interest in the dinner.

This, I hope, will account for the uncommon style of all my letters to you.

You must be the less surprised at the inventions of this man, because of his uncommon talents.

This cast of thought is uncommon in the ranks of a Regular army.

And if there be a man or a woman in Cornwall that will touch it, they be as uncommon bad as I be!

The belly is hard and painful, and in the morning there is a copious flow of saliva, and an uncommon craving for dry food.