Singular [adjective]

Definition of Singular:

unique, odd

Opposite/Antonyms of Singular:

Sentence/Example of Singular:

It is a record of singular variety and singular distinction.

He had a singular feeling that someone had been looking at him while he slept.

As a matter of fact, we do find a singular satisfaction in the troubles of others.

In grammar it is a pronoun of the first person and singular number.

The address was written in a singular hand; in large, print-looking letters.

He was certainly beset by this singular idea, which became, so to say, a prediction.

How astonishing had been the destiny of Rome, what a singular, borrowed royalty had been hers!

It is singular, on the other hand, that no iron implement has ever been discovered in the mounds.

"My dear, beautiful girl," it began; and she stared at these singular words.

The circumstance occurs to me with a singular clearness of recollection this evening.