Mixed [adjective]

Definition of Mixed:

assorted, combined

Opposite/Antonyms of Mixed:

Sentence/Example of Mixed:

Do you mean that my father was mixed up like those old Indians?

Look out you don't get mixed up in it yourself, that's all I ask.

The little leaven was now mixed with his life, which would leaven the whole.

I would rather you should not have a situation at all, than get mixed up with bad companions.

At the next water, he mixed some of the meal into a gruel and ate it.

It is most seldom that a person feels so mixed like that; and it is not to be recommended, either.

Add five table-spoonfuls of cream, and a tea-spoonful of mixed spice.

Stir in at the last a table-spoonful of mixed nutmeg and cinnamon.

Tito's mane bristled with mixed feelings at the sight of one of her own kind.

He mixed but little with the "Boys," but the latter respected him for his manly qualities.