Miscellaneous [adjective]

Definition of Miscellaneous:

diversified, various

Synonyms of Miscellaneous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Miscellaneous:

Sentence/Example of Miscellaneous:

Above these were eight levels of Food, Clothing and Miscellaneous industries.

But these miscellaneous and figurative forces are not what we are considering.

Keep the room clean and free of miscellaneous tools and rubbish.

They are uncouth figures, with vague legends and miscellaneous attributes.

Oh man, man, what an eye for miscellaneous beauty is that with which your sex is gifted!

Never was there a mixture of society so miscellaneous as was there assembled.

They were as miscellaneous as if some one had taken the lid off a human dustbin.

She found him groping in a great heap of miscellaneous goods in the porter's room.

Was not the chicken and gravy, on the miscellaneous plates, food for the gods?

I meant to put them down as miscellaneous and destroy the papers.