Indiscriminate [adjective]

Definition of Indiscriminate:

random, chaotic

Opposite/Antonyms of Indiscriminate:

Sentence/Example of Indiscriminate:

Instead, they quickly became indiscriminate serial killers and have been devastating to native bird populations.

A few continuing to fire after the main body had surrendered, an indiscriminate slaughter ensued.

The mangled bodies were hurried to the catacombs, and thrown into an indiscriminate heap of corruption.

Our two friends, however, found indiscriminate joy in everything; I have their letters to prove it.

On the other hand, the beginner finds himself using words that have lost, their meaning through indiscriminate usage.

The progress of the fusion of races is shown by the lists of names, which are both Saxon and Norman in indiscriminate order.

There are frequent complaints of the “impoverishment” of the companies through the indiscriminate admittance of “foreigners.”

The attack was indiscriminate; spies were employed, and idle words of obscure persons were made grounds of indictment.

But this number is indiscriminate, and leaves the sense vague, until the pronominal suffixes are superadded.

There had been, they declared, too indiscriminate an admission of Fellows.