Unplanned [adjective]

Definition of Unplanned:

not planned

Synonyms of Unplanned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unplanned:

Sentence/Example of Unplanned:

His walk, unplanned as it was, drew him towards the center of the city.

So the meeting of Harley Kennan with the man was unplanned and eventful.

The heedless, unplanned adventuring of an irresponsible American captain.

That feeling of fear sent a few men, by an unplanned concert of action, to a certain bank before ten o'clock one morning.

I think well soon solve the secret of this civilian passenger who has met an unplanned death.

I've found that five minutes of planning is worth five hours of unplanned work.

Unplanned meals also lead to an unconscious extravagance in buying and an unnecessary accumulation of left-overs.

How natural and unpremeditated, how very ordinary and unplanned to the natural eye seem the movements of St. Peter!

He had evidently risen from his work and entered the living-room on an unplanned impulse.

On this burning forest-border a picturesque, unplanned wild-animal parade passed before me.