Spontaneous [adjective]

Definition of Spontaneous:

impulsive, willing

Opposite/Antonyms of Spontaneous:

Sentence/Example of Spontaneous:

At her spontaneous act of welcome a light came into his eyes.

It cannot be loving and spontaneous unless there is a natural impulse behind it.

One of her most spontaneous laughs bubbled up in her throat.

There was no question but that it was for Martin she sparkled, sweet and spontaneous as she was.

Remember what we said a little while ago, about fancy and spontaneous affections.

It is too much seen by fits and starts, and sallies, and those not spontaneous.

The mother will care for the child with the spontaneous help of her neighbours.

But when we cannot trace the cause of phenomena, we call them spontaneous.

By this kind of inquiry he thoroughly upset the doctrine of spontaneous generation, for his time at least.

It was the finest case of spontaneous combustion physician had ever seen.