Unintentional [adjective]

Definition of Unintentional:

not planned

Synonyms of Unintentional:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unintentional:

Sentence/Example of Unintentional:

My father did them a hideous wrong, but it was an unintentional wrong.

“Yes, he is dead,” replied Tresler, with unintentional solemnity.

If I had believed the "garrulity," as she called it, to have been unintentional, I might have been flattered.

It was as unintentional as the birth of a thought in the head, and he heard nothing of it himself.

“I told you that the shooting of the animal was unintentional,” he said.

Besides, there was one chance in a hundred that the mishap was unintentional.

But that distraction of mind which is unintentional does not destroy the fruit of prayer.

Trespass lies for unintentional, as well as for intended wrongs.

The swagger was unintentional, and the recklessness did not exist.

If so, tell me; and I will beg your pardon, for it must have been unintentional on my part?