Erroneous [adjective]

Definition of Erroneous:

wrong, incorrect

Synonyms of Erroneous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Erroneous:

Sentence/Example of Erroneous:

These included erroneous rumors about serious side effects, she said, and unproven conspiracy theories about government plans to microchip residents.

“For months this company has been reporting inaccurate, unverifiable, erroneous things on my credit report and I am sick of it!!!”

There was erroneous decision-making and insufficient security vetting of cases.

This point in particular generated pushback from some quarters, she recalls, with some faculty members objecting to the erroneous idea that this would mean “quotas” for minority hiring.

This has reduced both erroneous water-level readings and delays that hampered forecasting in the past.

And everybody, or nearly everybody, bases on these obvious facts a series of entirely erroneous conclusions.

Moreover, the Bible teaches erroneous theories of history, theology, and science.

Those who hold the truth cannot enter into it with the infidel, the unbeliever, the erroneous or profane.

Immediately Aguinaldo had fallen captive, all kinds of extravagant and erroneous versions were current as to how it had happened.

It is true, that bad laws should be changed: but most erroneous, that till they be regularly removed they should be obeyed.