Unfounded [adjective]

Definition of Unfounded:

not based on fact

Opposite/Antonyms of Unfounded:

Sentence/Example of Unfounded:

They were soon satisfied that this supposition was unfounded.

This report of the provisions of the city appeared, in the sequel, to be unfounded.

I awake suddenly to find that my nightmare has not been unfounded.

No; the faith of the party of freedom in the Negro has not been unfounded.

But my fears were unfounded: soon I saw these figures making their escape.

I do not say that Milburgh is honest, or that my suspicions were unfounded.

No official notice of the matter has been given me, and I trust the report may be unfounded.

Unquestionably some unfounded suspicion is the cause of your present state.

Democracy has put an unfounded faith in automatic contrivances.

In Terry's bewilderment the Major understood that his own unhappiness had been unfounded.