Bottomless [adjective]

Definition of Bottomless:

very deep

Synonyms of Bottomless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bottomless:

Sentence/Example of Bottomless:

She's handsome yet, but her muscles are getting that loose look and her eyes are bottomless pits of ennui.

Something like a bath; on first investigation, seems bottomless; but plummet reaches conclusion at last.

There is a crust about a foot thick which is comparatively good, but underneath there is bottomless mud.

From the northeast comes the Grand, through a caon that seems bottomless, from where we stand.

It was said to be a bottomless pit; if so, he should be all right, because he could get out at the other end!

They were devoted adherents of the house of Orsi, and could be trusted to follow the head of the family to the bottomless pit.

At the next I am dropped into bottomless despair, and I see no end but unfulfilled longing and the emptiness of denial.

In those days Dosmare was supposed to be bottomless—a reputation which it has since destroyed by drying in hot summers.

He says the Republican and the Federalist parties were divided by a bottomless gulf in their theories of constitutional powers.

They were round and fixed, pools of bottomless blackness, staring at me through two varas of clear, swaying water.