Immeasurable [adjective]

Definition of Immeasurable:

infinite, incalculable

Synonyms of Immeasurable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Immeasurable:

Sentence/Example of Immeasurable:

These revelations did immeasurable damage to his reputation.

What he has meant to our organization and our community is immeasurable and will not be forgotten.

These, and other powerful efforts to aid the progressive cause, may not have all been centered around LGBTQ equality, but have provided immeasurable aid to that struggle, just the same.

Think of the immeasurable wealth of a Providence who could create such a wonder for just two insignificant human beings.

His aching heart, filled with an immeasurable love, remained without the relief of utterance.

It exists in vast immeasurable quantities in connexion with all material worlds.

Marriage had not abridged his immeasurable remoteness, nor touched his incorruptible refinement.

These immeasurable forces produce sometimes extraordinary inundations.

What immeasurable interval between it and the prayer of the Nootka Indian on preparing for war!

Incessant and immeasurable changes operate without accident or destruction.