Vast [adjective]

Definition of Vast:

very large; wide in range

Opposite/Antonyms of Vast:

Sentence/Example of Vast:

After all, what vast privileges do you lose with your citizenship.

It seemed to have a vast inorganic life of its own, a volition and a whim.

Thrones have toppled and their vast empires have disappeared.

The meeting was held in the vast auditorium of the Circus Building, which was filled.

Vast crowds lined the route, afoot and in every kind of vehicle.

But it is of no use to try and calculate the vast advantage of Fiscal expansion.

In short, there is a vast body of art now within the reach of everybody.

The vast host shall be to us, he cried, as "stubble is to fire."

There were a vast number of children assembled, and all were in the best humor.

All the vast theater of the stand was a buzz of eager chatter.