Expanded [verb]

Definition of Expanded:

extend, augment

Synonyms of Expanded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Expanded:

Sentence/Example of Expanded:

The bellows, being expanded by the wind, pulls down the pallet in the wind-chest; the bellows does all the hard work.

Vases of flowers diffused their fragrance and expanded their beauty where flowers were never seen to bloom before.

As time passed, this fund expanded considerably and was used to improve elementary education.

The patois of Saint-Rémy has been developed and expanded into a beautiful literary language.

Surprisingly enough, some industries such as the tobacco industry and the rayon and cellophane industries expanded considerably.

Census enumerations since 1890 indicate that total employment in Virginia has expanded continuously.

There was haggling and bickering until a price of sixty was agreed upon, and Mr. McCann's heart expanded with satisfaction.

They were all personally responsible for her success, she made them feel that, and they expanded in the conviction.

A fine girl and boy were born to them; and need I say how their hearts expanded and exulted, and seemed to grow twice as large.

If expanded, the three propositions assume this form: All men are mortal.