Abbreviate [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Abbreviate:

However abbreviated, and however shaky the runup, baseball is back!

In all letters of this sort they always abbreviate some words; it looks more business-like.

On the days when there is washing or sweeping or baking to do she will have to abbreviate other things.

Gentlemen, I have seen fit to abbreviate the King's message.

Every thing tends in a wonderful manner to abbreviate itself and yield its own virtue to him.

By this time you can pretty well imagine them, and my story is likely to be too long, unless I abbreviate.

Start off with a general description—perhaps, I will direct your attention to some specific areas to abbreviate it.

And we can't know for two or three days unless we abbreviate the trip which all of us would hate to do.

Marginal notes always abbreviate: Moray and Lennox expand; and they clearly, to my mind, cite a common text.

Here he omits a whole sentence, and begins to abbreviate the story and alter it to suit himself.