Strengthen [verb]

Definition of Strengthen:

make more forceful, powerful

Synonyms of Strengthen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Strengthen:

Sentence/Example of Strengthen:

That a lady should marry to increase her consequence and strengthen her connexions.

Your quarrel with Lovelace, if it continue, will strengthen my hands.

How else could I strengthen her in the battle against our own impulses?

You shall be true to the illusion—we shall be true to it—I will help you in it, strengthen you in it!

Will this new disgrace serve to strengthen the Administration?

Freedom must strengthen the reason of woman until she comprehend her duty.

On his appointment to the command, Gallini did what he could to strengthen the defenses.

And how, on the other hand, are we to strengthen it, to quicken its sluggish blood?

The Emperor next endeavoured to strengthen his party in Spain.

Several other circumstances tended to strengthen the imperium of the church.