Subtract [verb]

Definition of Subtract:

take away

Synonyms of Subtract:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subtract:

Sentence/Example of Subtract:

But if you asked her to subtract two from nine, she'd say "seven" all right!

Subtract from civilization all that has been produced by the poor, and what remains?

Well, all about them—how to add and multiply, and subtract and divide, and fractions.

I will teach you ten times further; and to add, and to subtract, if you will come with me.

Read the temperature of the dry bulb and the wet, and subtract.

If the barometer reading is less than 30 inches, add; if greater than 30 inches, subtract.

I have seen no occasion since to add to them or subtract from them.

Just subtract seven hundred from twenty-four hundred and ninety-six, Le.

If we subtract the number of years just mentioned, we have the date 1063.

Have you never seen a horse that could add, subtract, multiply, and divide?