Expand [verb]

Definition of Expand:

extend, augment

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Opposite/Antonyms of Expand:

Sentence/Example of Expand:

Then the novel coronavirus forced dozens of states to quickly expand absentee voting, and the slowdowns got more dramatic.

In response to the coronavirus, nearly half of all states expanded access to mail ballots for their primaries, either by allowing fear of the coronavirus as a reason or proactively sending an application or ballot to every registered voter.

Insider has had its sights on Asia Pacific to expand its tech and business coverage for some time.

They were nominated just as the program prepared to expand one of its available investment funds to also reflect about two dozen emerging-market countries, including China.

A key finding involves a long-standing practice — which was expanded by Congress several times — to deputize Boeing employees to act in behalf of FAA while reviewing aircraft designs.

The Dust Bowl started after the federal government expanded the Homestead Act to offer more land to settlers willing to work the marginal soil of the Great Plains.

Walmart, on the other hand, is also planning to double its stores in China in the next five to seven years as it aggressively expands its e-commerce capabilities.

While these play squarely in The Economist’s wheelhouse of business and finance themes, science, tech and culture pieces do well too — as the content people what to read has expanded.

Huang said he will preserve Arm’s neutrality and wants to expand its client list.

His slight, thin, rather graceless figure seemed suddenly to expand, even to grow taller.