Embellish [verb]

Definition of Embellish:

make beautiful; decorate

Synonyms of Embellish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Embellish:

Sentence/Example of Embellish:

To paint how grimy this metropolis is, “Cyberpunk” relies on the suffering of minorities, particularly women, to embellish the seedy underworld of Night City.

In more tryouts, I gave into chefly urges to embellish the seasonings, adding, then subtracting, onion powder, garlic powder, fresh garlic and Worcestershire sauce.

Email security marketing tactics don’t have to be embellished or overly exaggerated to get noticed and be effective.

Linda Yoshida—arguably Instagram’s most prominent calligrapher, with 19,000 followers—has been sending postcards to representatives since 2017, embellishing them with gorgeous calligraphy and documenting them on her Instagram account.

Special care was taken to alternate the curves of these shaped tusks in the concurrent rows, while the crown was embellished with a plume or a knob.

The first is to combine the higher excellences and embellish them to the greatest advantage.

The artist, not being able to embellish nature, has sought at least to develop its means, to increase its effect and power.

"Nothing can embellish a beautiful face more than a narrow band drawn over the brow," says Richter.

Fruits of the loom in rarest silk and linen, embellish the chambers and luxury sits enthroned.

The refined and noble style of the Greeks was neglected, and there was an attempt to embellish the beautiful more and more.