Enrich [verb]

Definition of Enrich:

improve, embellish

Synonyms of Enrich:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enrich:

Sentence/Example of Enrich:

For example, diamonds that formed in the crust and upper mantle had inclusions enriched in oxygen-18 — suggesting that the gemstones crystallized out of magma formed from subducted oceanic crust.

That approach has driven up stock prices in the past four months and enriched drug executives betting with somebody else’s money.

Still today, the mission of the center is to enrich the lives of the LGBTQ community through support, education, advocacy, and celebration.

The Partnership was created to serve as a collaborative forum for our industry to ensure addressability standards that preserve privacy, provide a consistent and effective framework for advertisers, and enrich the consumer experience.

What was problematic was the misuse of them, was when the private sector was able to manipulate and use these types of tools so as to enrich themselves and expose others to risk that they otherwise might not have needed to take on.

The main LGBTQ community center in Denver, the Center on Colfax is there to engage, enrich, and advance the LGBTQ community of Colorado.

What the ear hears is the fundamental pitch only; the overtones harmonize with the primary or fundamental tone, and enrich it.

Its walls and some other buildings still stand and abundant Roman remains enrich the local museum.

The rulers of a republic do not care though they should ruin the state, provided they enrich themselves.

The people in England had seemed to think all along that the colonies in America ought to do all they could to enrich England.