Sweeten [verb]

Definition of Sweeten:

add sugar

Synonyms of Sweeten:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sweeten:

Sentence/Example of Sweeten:

Stir in sufficient loaf-sugar to sweeten it, and grate some nutmeg into it.

Does it hold back the lash from the slave, or sweeten his bitter bread?

When cold, break it with a spoon, and sweeten with sifted sugar.

Sweeten to your taste; let it boil; and put it in a broad dish.

The Boches said he merely had to dip a finger into his coffee to sweeten it.

Rub a few lumps of sugar on another lemon to obtain the essence, and add with them a sufficient quantity of sugar to sweeten.

Beat eight yolks and four whites of eggs, strain them into a pint of cream, sweeten with sugar, and add a grated nutmeg.

These plums are apt to ferment, if not boiled in two syrups; the former will sweeten pies, but will have too much acid to keep.

Sweeten it, and add some peach water, or a few bitter almonds; let it boil up once, and put it into what forms you please.

Squeeze Seville orange or lemon juice into a glass dish, or mix them together if preferred, and sweeten it well with fine sugar.