Displease [verb]

Definition of Displease:

make unhappy

Synonyms of Displease:

Opposite/Antonyms of Displease:

Sentence/Example of Displease:

Ethel's mode of pleading was unfortunate; the "very foolish of Margaret" were the very words to displease.

You are an honest man,404 and do not make it your business either to please or displease the favourites.

If I understand you rightly, monsieur, you have decided to rid yourself of persons who annoy you or displease you?

He supped with me; but a cunning, crafty fellow he is, and dangerous to displease, for his tongue spares nobody.

For a word, she would flare up into a sudden anger, nor try as he would, could he divine what action of his would displease her.

The themes permitted by such an attitude were certain to displease the readers of that period.

He, on the contrary, avoided this reflection of his genius, which seemed to displease him.

I will not displease you again; I will keep at a safe distance.

Take good heed that you fail not, insomuch as you fear to displease the king my son, and myself.

Knowing your interest in Mademoiselle Julie, I thought it would not displease you to hear this.