Satisfy [verb]

Definition of Satisfy:

please, content

Synonyms of Satisfy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Satisfy:

Sentence/Example of Satisfy:

This assurance satisfied the others, but it did not satisfy Harriet.

We got enough at Figtree Gully to satisfy them, although there is not a great supply.

Neither will it satisfy me to have her exist merely in idea.

Manifestations of extravagant thirst, which water could not satisfy.

Certainly these rural interiors would not satisfy everybody.

For it was thus that William first strove to satisfy his followers.

But, what could be wanting to satisfy the insatiable cravings of this woman?

"I cannot satisfy your curiosity yet," replied Lady Delacour.

Purchase wealth by her safety and satisfy your revenge with a single victim.

Some are content to satisfy worldly honour, and beyond that will do little else.