Capture [noun]

Definition of Capture:

catching, forceful holding

Opposite/Antonyms of Capture:

Sentence/Example of Capture:

By amplifying information about these individuals, Fortune hopes to help locate them, as well as bring to justice anyone who may have been involved in their capture.

There were multiple nuances specific to each trap and to each capture site.

Click on that CTA, and you’ll go to a landing page with the lead capture form.

Then, if you gentlemen are successful here, and capture Fulton and Jefferson City, our brightest hopes will be fulfilled.

The events which succeeded this fortunate capture are too well known to require more than a very brief recapitulation.

It was a very dangerous one, too, and sometimes lives were sacrificed in his efforts to capture or to kill this fierce wild beast.

Altogether, we spent five consecutive days hovering around that collection of law-enforcers, in imminent risk of capture.

The capture of Independence greatly elated the guerrillas, and recruits came pouring in by the hundreds.

The left and centre were thrown back, and it seemed as if the Austrians were bound to capture the bridge at Enzerdorff.

After his capture by the English, he was among those taken to Virginia, and finally sent back to France.