Seizure [noun]

Definition of Seizure:

convulsive attack

Synonyms of Seizure:

Opposite/Antonyms of Seizure:

Sentence/Example of Seizure:

Bohun was speechless for a moment, stricken dumb by a second seizure of fury.

Lady Coryston lived for some eight months after this seizure.

Then Miss Colton told him of her father's seizure and gave him the note for you.

This seizure isn't alarming and there is absolutely no danger of contagion.

But this first seizure was not so severe as to put a final arrest on his activities.

Our attack will have as its objective the seizure of a foothold on the high ground.

They were satisfied with the monarch's seizure of Gripsholm.

The seizure of Gripsholm was justified, at any rate, by a show of right.

This seizure was evidently made for purposes of retaliation.

"I saw in his seizure the visitation of God's wrath," said Warboise.