Convulsion [noun]

Definition of Convulsion:

muscle spasm

Synonyms of Convulsion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Convulsion:

Sentence/Example of Convulsion:

She had done with little things, and Isabel, with young curiosity, wondered in what convulsion the last of them had gone down.

Uttering these words, the good lady pointed distractedly to the cupboard, and underwent a convulsion from internal spasms.

It has been claimed that a shot would break the tube and end the little convulsion.

When the launch was under way Isabel told Gwynne of the blue flames that had danced over the marsh during the convulsion.

What he dreaded was the spasm of dying—the convulsion that was to snap the thousand silver strings in the harp of life.

At once the underground convulsion ceased, and the shrill whistling died away in the distance.

At that fatal sign Christophe's brows contracted, his forehead worked with nervous convulsion, as he prepared himself to suffer.

Then it spun around in a frantic convulsion, and in a moment lay dead on its back, its tiny fed tongue protruding, its paws rigid.

Out of one convulsion into another went the child that night: but in a few days it was better; thought to be getting well.

All night long we remained outside on the platform of the summit, watching and sketching that terrific convulsion.