Illness [noun]

Definition of Illness:

disease; bad health

Synonyms of Illness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Illness:

Sentence/Example of Illness:

Restaurant owners have little choice but to stay open for business, and their employees risk serious illness — or death — to collect a paycheck.

Verily’s other efforts include a program to wipe out mosquito-borne illness and Covid-19 testing programs in several states.

In a group of about 3,000 patients, researchers compared the mortality of patients who received plasma with high and low levels, or titres, of antibodies at different stages of illness.

These people are living with respiratory illnesses and no one’s talking about it.

They also can transmit the virus to others, including educators, school staff and family members who are at higher risk of serious illness merely by being adults.

While most animals with feline infectious peritonitis don’t show symptoms, some cats can develop severe illness if the virus mutates to infect a specific type of immune cell.

Time’s passing has left many questions unanswered about the mutating virus behind Covid-19 illnesses and deaths.

That year, South Koreans suffered the worst MERS outbreak outside the Middle East and largely blamed an ineffective government response for the illnesses and deaths.

So composting would not be an option for people who had been sick with a prion illness, such as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

It looked at the severity of illness in 2,449 Americans from mid-February to mid-March 2020.