Relapse [noun]

Definition of Relapse:

deterioration, weakening

Synonyms of Relapse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Relapse:

Sentence/Example of Relapse:

I had sent for Doctor Norrey, as soon as the relapse came, and he was there with me.

And when the relapse fell on him, was he in most respects—or in all respects—as he was then?

I, who whip round corners and bluster, relapse and evade, then rally and pursue!

There was a temporary rally, followed by a relapse, at Alexandria.

But the notes that called me home were too clarion-like for a relapse into puppyism.

If you went out into camp now you would have a relapse, and be dead inside of a week.

Not now; and I'll take care not to have a relapse,' said he gravely.

His manner indicated that he was about to relapse into stronger terms.

Here he has a relapse, lasting many weeks, but slowly recovers.

This relapse into wilfulness was because he had again connected the epithet foolish with her.