Retrogression [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Retrogression:

All societies have had their epochs of progress and of retrogression.

Yet there are many traces of advance as well as retrogression in the Laws of Plato.

What would the Irish say if Mr. Bull suggested this movement of retrogression?

It was a retrogression—in some measure a return to his earlier form.

A reversion to close imperialism would be for her a retrogression.

But in reality there is no retrogression; for with Lyly allegory is not an ethical instrument.

The period of retrogression is known in history as the Dark Ages.

Through the seventies and into the eighties this retrogression continued.

We all know we've been slowly slipping into retrogression ever since '63.

It was then the old, old story of retrogression through alcohol.