Strengthening [verb]

Definition of Strengthening:

make more forceful, powerful

Synonyms of Strengthening:

Opposite/Antonyms of Strengthening:

Sentence/Example of Strengthening:

There was much to be done in the way of strengthening the earthworks.

Sucking a bit of dried orange peel about an hour before dinner, when the stomach is empty, is very grateful and strengthening.

The engineer knows best what tools to use in strengthening his own machine.

Self-denial is all very well as a means of strengthening the character.

It is held to be of disciplinary value, especially in strengthening the memory.

This he says for the enlightening and strengthening of our faith.

Jim had built a fire, for the night wind was strengthening, blowing cool.

The sticks were then carried out and used in strengthening the dam.

Unto Christ the manifestation was strengthening and encouraging.

It is their veil and guard while maturing and strengthening.