Slow [adjective]

Definition of Slow:

unhurried, lazy

Opposite/Antonyms of Slow:

Sentence/Example of Slow:

But, changed as he was, he was not slow in recognizing his old enemy, Robert Rushton.

We had to carry the water from the spring in drums, which was slow and hard work.

Mr Clayton was not slow to remark what was passing in my mind.

Progress may be slow—measured in inches and feet, not miles—but we will progress.

He tried every means of whiling away the time, but it never had seemed to move so slow.

The women are keening softly and swaying themselves with a slow movement.

But ere she was six slow steps away, she turned at a cry from her mother.

Here was an offer which the company in an English inn at that or any other date are slow to refuse.

Yet the letter which Aylward had brought him gave him powers which he was not slow to use.

There was indescribable rebuke in her slow emphasis of the words.