Supine [adjective]

Definition of Supine:

lying down

Synonyms of Supine:

Opposite/Antonyms of Supine:


Sentence/Example of Supine:

For some time after she had been seized by Roderic, she had remained unconscious and supine.

Supine, routed we rest; and above all, above the universe, is the silence of the Shadow.

He began to sink slowly back into the blankets, supine and inert.

Erect or supine, these colossal statues were strewn all over the island.

One may be melancholy by the sea, but never morbid or supine.

The supine position, as in the adult, is imposed only at night.

In this supine, hopeless state, the priest could in no way prevail on him.

She was right, because she could not see beneath the rags the supine form of a man.

Thereupon the supine cousins demanded to share in what had so been won.

He sang of melancholy, but he was never reconciled to supine resignation.