Level [adjective]

Definition of Level:

smooth, balanced

Opposite/Antonyms of Level:

Sentence/Example of Level:

Democrats successfully argued for the case to be decided first at the state level.

There was no better pitcher in Major League Baseball over the last two seasons than Jacob deGrom,3 and in this shortened season he had taken his performance to another level.

On another level, I’m pleased by the many people who have worked for me and who will take these references and put their blend into it.

However, adopting Total Investment Impact would require a level of trust that advertisers may be reticent to give.

First, the Apple Watch Series 6, starting at $400, includes a new blood-oxygen-level sensor, an altimeter to measure altitude, and a newer faster processor branded the S6.

I live on a hilltop, 400 feet above sea level, and my home will never be touched by rising waters.

For example, in late July searches for “dumbbell” and “Strava”, a workout app, still hovered 60% above the usual levels.

According to the North Face, using 1,000-fill down was prohibitively expensive until the brand designed its top-of-the-line kit for the highest level of alpinists.

Cressman’s was located in Pine Ridge, at the 4,000-foot level, midway from the bottom of the four lane road to Shaver Lake.

"Here's my authority, yuh blasted runt," he yelled, and jerked his six-shooter to a level with the policeman's breast.