Consistent [adjective]

Definition of Consistent:

constant, regular

Synonyms of Consistent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Consistent:

Sentence/Example of Consistent:

It is dependent on that covenant as made with the Mediator, and consistent with it as established with men.

And what is wanting in such is principally the rectification of their views: their endeavours are harmonious and consistent.

Business Letters should be as brief as is consistent with the subject; clear, and to the point.

Apostrophe usage is not consistent in the text as in using both dont and dont.

But I would urge that Swadeshi is the only doctrine consistent with the law of humility and love.

Whatever scheme is selected for the scenery, the costumes and make-up should be consistent with it.

She made up the envelope to match and addressed it, with consistent illiteracy, to the head of the mission.

The poets make each deity consistent with himself, and in harmony with the interests he represents.

It is not explained how payment on the last principle could be made consistent with the former principles.

It is a striking and consistent portraithow unlike the usual conventionally noble hero of romantic drama!