Invariable [adjective]

Definition of Invariable:

not changing

Synonyms of Invariable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Invariable:

Sentence/Example of Invariable:

There is no proof positive that it was henceforth his invariable rule to put this kind of finish.

Silica is an invariable constituent of the ash, but in most plants occurs but in small quantity.

And the conversations I can reproduce almost verbatim, for, according to my invariable habit, I kept full notes of all he said.

It by no means follows, however, that virtue is the invariable concomitant of plausible speech.

This is the invariable characteristic of the house architecture of towns of a certain age.

There is indeed but one invariable rule in France, and that is, that a fille-de-chambre is company for an emperor.

Are the actions of human beings, like all other natural events, subject to invariable laws?

Walking along, Alcide Jolivet chattered away as usual, with his invariable good-humor.

One invariable mark of Arab blood, by-the-bye, is a high and graceful carriage of the tail.

Is it a law that is uniform and invariable in its operation?