Unvarying [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unvarying:

The man did not answer, nor did he stir from his unvarying pose.

I have from time to time given their sentiments, which are unvarying.

Usually John Anderson was possessed of one or two unvarying moods.

I had all that unvarying affection and devoted love could bestow.

Faint it was, and distant, but peculiar in its unvarying, unceasing rush.

It did not sound like a conversation; it was monotonous, unvarying, unnatural.

He played at intervals for more than an hour, with unvarying success.

You speak with your unvarying correctness, Madame la Princesse.

These are the necessary and unvarying accompaniments of the system.

He seems as unvarying in his method and system as the laws of the universe.