Constant [adjective]

Definition of Constant:


Sentence/Example of Constant:

For many growers, large and small, this consists of constant data entry from seed to sale.

Wetland sediment also erodes from the constant wash of waves.

It’s a constant competition and struggle between state and society.

For bacteria are engaged in constant exchange with one another.

The actual amount spent on military equipment since he became president is much less, about $444 billion in constant dollars, or about 20 percent of the total.

That growth comes from constant updates and improvements to the Pro platform by the tech team, it has 20 under tech, product and marketing.

To correct for this roasting effect, Ehleringer calculated the ratio of each element to every other element in a sample, which remains fairly constant, even with roasting.

It’s the one thing I knew was the constant, from when I first stepped out of the house as a very young child until the time I left England.

With the constant expansion of close variants, advertisers have much less control over the queries that trigger their ads.

For many, the last few months have not only been fraught with unpredictability but with constant replanning for clients as advertisers are less likely to commit to running earlier agreed upon campaigns as is.