Regularized [adjective]

Definition of Regularized:


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Sentence/Example of Regularized:

"Regularized," Southend supplied with a sharp glance at Harry.

The use of an ae-ligature in the name 'Hephæstus' has been regularized.

Spelling and punctuation have been regularized in some cases.

It was regularized by Maillard, who wanted to have every act done in legal style.

In some dynasties the system was regularized in militia form.

Index inconsistencies with the text have been regularized with the text.

All had been united in mastering the Indian, and now with peace the getting of wealth was regularized.

Their operation is intensified and regularized by herd instinct.

The abbreviation ft was regularized to ft. where the full stop was missing or invisible.

Inconsistent spellings were only regularized when there was a strong preponderance; changes are individually noted.